Regions in Focus

WEFEC is an international organization aimed at supporting a healthy and fair market environment by tackling the issue of private and public sector non-compliance in transitional and developing nations globally.  WEFEC’s focus to date has largely been on the Western Balkans. Due to the current...

The Team

Our unique team comes from a diverse background of Compliance and Ethics professionals and business community leaders.

Our Approach

WEFEC gathers leaders from the business, public and civil society communities to identify challenges specific to each country or region. Having extensive, hands-on experience with corruption in the public sector which creates a myriad of problems for the businesses who implement compliance and et...

Bridging the Gap

It is extremely difficult to promote corporate C&E when the public sector is so rampantly corrupt. We at WEFEC are convinced that C&E standards that are widely practiced in the US corporate climate can be implemented in the public sector with the assistance of the business community. Many ethical...

Ethics and Compliance

In 1977 the US government passed the FCPA law aimed at stemming foreign corporate corruption and to raise corporate America’s integrity rating to a higher level. Whereas the public sector in the United States has enjoyed a fairly high integrity rating for many decades, America’s corporate sec...