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WEFEC gathers leaders from the business, public and civil society communities to identify challenges specific to each country or region. Having extensive, hands-on experience with corruption in the public sector which creates a myriad of problems for the businesses who implement compliance and ethics standards, we understand the need and means to establish effective ethics and compliance standards within government.

Our team researches and investigates existing legislation and anti-corruption measures in order to draft the most practical and realistic legislation for the public sector that incorporate compliance programs and compliance officers as effective mechanisms based on best practices from US Corporate Compliance & Ethics standards. Where we differ from traditional Compliance & Ethics practices is that we involve the business community and civil society in creating the legal framework for compliance to implement within the public sector. In most western countries, it is the other way around. Through our work with corporate C&E standards we realize the importance of compliance standards within the public sector as well. Without effective and comprehensive compliance mechanisms, anti-corruption laws are often simply paper tigers.  C&E in government and the public sector in order to create a healthy, fair play market environment that will continue to stimulate and support business and the economy. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Analysis of compliance standards per individual country
  • Networking and collaboration with local stakeholders
  • Introduce and advocate for reform solutions and innovation in compliance
  • Pilot project to test compliance mechanisms

Expected Results:

  • Establish trust of public sector within the business community
  • Improve market access
  • Fair treatment for investors
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Combatting corruption