SCCE award

SCCE Award: WEFEC President Bojan Bajic received the International Compliance and Ethics Award from the Society of Corporate Compliances and Ethics from US:

This event recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to the growing profession of compliance and ethics.”Day to day, few positions are as challenging as compliance,” said SCCE CEO Roy Snell. “This occasion provides us with an opportunity to recognize our accomplishments and honor those individuals and institutions who have accomplished so much for the compliance profession.” 


The Compliance and Ethics profession is now one of the fastest growing professions and has become truly global. In today’s world, compliance and ethics professionals are increasingly a regular part of the business senior management structure, with government regulators and enforcement leaders recognizing the value of compliance and ethics within organizations and institutions. This was not always the case, as the recognition of the profession happened slowly and with the help of many individuals, organizations, and corporate leaders. Numerous individuals and organizations have helped shape and guide the profession, provide an example for the compliance and business communities, and herald its value in business.

“The recipients of this year’s awards reflect the changes and challenges of compliance,” said Snell. “They have fought hard to ensure businesses operate lawfully, foster integrity in government, bring compliance to parts of the world where it had not been a part of business, and train the next generation of compliance professionals.”