WEFEC za kompanije

WEFEC helps domestic companies that interacts with an international business, or are beneficiaries of international financial resources through loans or participation in domestic and international tenders, to comply with international standards of integrity in business relations, thus avoiding harsh sanctions of regulators and other negative consequences on Western markets,

and, on the other hand,

WEFEC provides assistance to foreign companies operating or seeking to operate in the Western Balkan countries, in assessing compliance risk through regulatory analysis, the level of integrity standards in industries, assessing the integrity of existing or potential business partners in order to minimize risks for investing and cooperating with partner companies in Western Balkans.

Our Services

  • Assessing company’s reputation through internet analysis and additional business integrity check (Business Integrity Reputation Report)
  • Auditing company’s compliance with international standards (Business Integrity Audit)
  • Auditing effectivness of company’s compliance program (Integrity Compliance Program Performance Audit)
  • Analyzing state of  integrity of specific industry  (Industry Integrity Risk Analysis)
  • Assessing the integrity of third parties – suppliers, distributors etc. (Third Party Compliance Due Diligence)
  • Implementing comprehensive compliance program (Corporate Integrity Compliance Program)
  • Implementating specific compliance program elements in companies (ethical code, procedures, etc.)
  • Education – seminars, in-house trainings, comprehensive education and employee testing
  • Thematic conferences and other public events – a public dialogue on key challenges for the industry
  • Public Advocacy Services to Enhance Industry Integrity Standards (Public Advocacy)
  • Other services tailored to the specific needs of the client

WEFEC experts have many years of experience in implementing corporate integrity compliance programs and systems, corporate risk assessments, integrity analysis in certain industries, ethics codes, employee training, collaboration with international financial institutions and Compliance & Ethics professional associations.